Valentine’s Date Night Make-up Look



With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there’s no better excuse to dress up, play around with your make-up and spend time with your loved one. Fingers crossed your boyfriend will take you out on a long anticipated date – and if it’s in the evening you can amp up your normal make-up routine. milk.’s step-by-step guide will show you how to achieve a ‘bronzed beauty’ makeup look. It’s all about glowing skin, bright eyes, fluttery lashes and nude pink lips (bright lips are a no-go on a date – especially if there’s dinner involved!).



First, perfect your base using your normal foundation and concealing routine. To add a glow, mix a dot of foundation with a drop of liquid illuminator on the back of your hand. I used Nars Copacabana Illuminator, but Seventeen do one for a quarter of the price. Then, set with your powder to stop your glow looking more like a flustered sheen.



Inject some life into your blank canvas by sweeping bronzer (I used Soap & Glory’s Solar Powder bronzer) in a three formation on your temples, onto the cheekbones and along the jaw. Don’t forget to take your bronzer onto your neck – you don’t want to look like your face has just been to the Caribbean, but your body stayed in England. Your skin will be looking radiant and bright.



Next up: blusher. Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow is a lovely highlighting pink shade, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day – not to mention the heart-shaped packaging. I dabbed some of MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade on the top of the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and on the top of the lips for a dewy look.



To prep the eyelids before the eyeshadow, use MAC’s Paint Pot in Bare Study to prevent eyeshadow from creasing or sliding. Use your ring finger to apply and blend.

For a natural effect, choose a matte eyeshadow colour that matches your eyebrows (I used MAC Omega with a MAC 208 brush) and fill in with a stiff angled brush. Start at the tail end of the brow and use soft strokes moving closer to the front. Use a clean, old mascara wand to smooth down and comb through. Set with a clear brow gel if necessary.

16425528416_2a3d7d2819_oI stuck to Urban Decay’s Naked palette for the eyes. Using a fluffy brush, apply Naked to the crease of your eye and blend in windscreen wiper motions back and forth. It’s best to apply a tiny bit of eyeshadow and add more if you need to. I then used Sin over the entire lid, Sidecar on the outer corner, and Virgin on the inner eyes. Sweep Half-Baked on the middle of the lid, and softly line along the lashes with Buck. Apply your favourite mascara.


For the lips, I went for a pouty but soft look. I used Rimmel’s Exaggerate lip pencil in East End Snob, filled them with MAC’s Angel lipstick and put NYX’s Crème Brûlée Butter Gloss in the centre of the lips to make them look fuller.




That’s everything. Make sure whatever you’re up to on Valentine’s Day, have a lovely time, and if you don’t have a date to wear your make-up to, just get dressed up for the night and spend it watching a Ryan Gosling film. I know which one I’d prefer anyway…

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